Comic Creator Lessons From Bakuman

The Shonen Jump Alpha website has posted a list of 10 Things We’ve Learned From Bakuman, the manga about making manga. The list items are short, illustrated with panels from the manga series, but it’s hard to argue with the wisdom of lessons like “It’s a Tough Field to Make It”, “Being a Mangaka’s Really Tough on Your Social Life (Except with Other Mangaka)”, and “If You Don’t Try, You’ll Never Succeed.” Even though the series is about manga, much of this applies to comic-making as well.

Where Bakuman differs from the usual stories we hear about aspiring comic creators is in its use of a team — a writer and artist who are separate people — and its emphasis on the virtue of editors. The insight into how the Japanese manga industry works is the book’s strongest virtue, in my opinion. It’s a key reminder that there’s no one right way to make comics.

Bakuman panel

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