This Week’s Manga Moveable Feast Covers Oishinbo and Food Manga

This month’s Manga Moveable Feast is dedicated to the topic of food manga. It’s a subject dear to my heart, as here at the site we’ve reviewed the following titles in that genre:

(Some, including me, may quibble with including exaggerated and/or humor manga such as Toriko and Neko Ramen in this list, but I am told, in the call for participation, that some do consider them part of the genre, so they’re listed here.)

For this food MMF, host Khursten Santos at Otaku Champloo has, in addition to collecting review and article links, posted a history of the genre and her experience cooking beef garlic rice bowl and bacon nabe. (Note: since she can read Japanese, her recipes are from the original Oishinbo series, not the excerpts published here.) Another blogger has made the asparagus recipes from the translated Vegetables volume. As a comic critic who has my own recipes section of this site, I love reading about other bloggers’ experiences making food.


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