Manga Out Loud Discusses Food Manga and Making a Living in Comics

In connection with this week’s food manga moveable feast, Ed and I sat down with Deb Aoki and Michelle Smith to discuss manga featuring food in the latest Manga Out Loud podcast.

Our conversation spends a lot of time with The Drops of God before moving on to other titles. Deb and I debate whether Toriko is the same kind of food manga as other books in the genre and what affordable means in wine before she fills us in on some of her California wine adventures. (I’m sorry I’m giggling like I’m drunk on the recording — I wasn’t drinking, although it would have suited the subject.) We also talk about whether it matters whether you know what the food portrayed tastes like and list our favorite food manga.

Before that, though, we briefly discuss the manga presence at MoCCA and TCAF as well as Felipe Smith’s experiences as a creator in Japan and the return of Tokyopop with Hetalia 3. When we talk about what we’re reading, I recommend the non-manga titles Jerusalem; Are You My Mother?; Please, God, Find Me a Husband!; and Pretending You’re Not Crazy, the new collection of Introspective Comics by Ryan Dow. Before that, Ed gives his thoughts on The Flowers of Evil.

Our third segment discusses Deb’s series of articles on making a living in manga if you’re not Japanese. Our conversation ends with a debate over who reviewers should be writing for and whether critics should be suggesting improvements to creators.

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