Baltimore Comic-Con Announces Stan Lee’s Return

The Baltimore Comic-Con has announced that Stan Lee will be attending their show as “Guest of Honor” for the second year in a row. The convention will be held Saturday, September 8, and Sunday, September 9, in Baltimore, Maryland, although Stan will only be appearing on Saturday. However, he will also be participating in the Harvey Awards on Saturday evening. Stay tuned for how to get a photo or autograph (and how much it will cost) — as the show says, “details regarding ticket pricing for autographs, photographs, and VIP packages will be released over the next few weeks.”

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Of course, Stan Lee is a huge guest when it comes to appealing to the traditional superhero comic audience, but he’s only one of the big names Baltimore has snagged this year. Other notable guests planned to appear include Brian Bolland, Cliff Chiang, Amanda Conner, Garth Ennis, José Luís Garcia-López, Keith Giffen, Gene Ha, Barry Kitson, Joe Kubert, Frank Quitely, Don Rosa, Walter Simonson, Mark Waid, and Bernie Wrightson. Visit the con website for more, as well for any changes or updates. For the old-school fan, this is a must-see show.

3 Responses to “Baltimore Comic-Con Announces Stan Lee’s Return”

  1. Comics A.M. | Industry’s digital inroads; exploiting new comics formats | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment Says:

    […] Conventions | Stan Lee will be a guest at this year’s Baltimore Comic Con, along with a host of other creators; as Johanna Draper Carlson observes, “For the old-school fan, this is a must-see show.” [Comics Worth Reading] […]

  2. Steelbolt Says:

    Man, that is quite a lineup!!! I hope some of those appear at next year’s Emerald City ComicCon, especially Conner, Bolland, Garcia-Lopez, Giffen, Kubert, Simonson, Waid, and Wrightson. Waid especially, since I couldn’t find him at all even though he was on the guest list for Emerald City 2011!!

  3. Anatole Wilson Says:

    Unfortunately, this is the week before SPX, which usually soaks up my comics and travel budget, but I would love to get a sketch from Simonson and Garcia-Lopez…Stan Lee was here in Pittsburgh recently for our con–couldn’t see paying $40 for a picture with him (which is what they were charging), especially since they explicitly warned he may not have time to sign the pictures.




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