Good Comics Out May 30, Short Reviews of Angel & Faith #10, Ghostbusters #9, Star Trek/Doctor Who

Book of the week for me is the long-awaited return of Monsieur Jean with the Singles Theory hardcover (Humanoids, $24.95). Not only has it been years since we read any of his stories in English, this book was originally due in March. Anyway, good stuff is worth the wait, and this is a lovely introduction to European comics.

In other book news, Kodansha returns Genshiken to print in English with an omnibus volume ($19.99) reprinting the first three books of the series. It’s a fun manga about college students who are fans of anime, cosplay, and related hobbies. I’ve also previously commented on First Second’s Moon Moth adaptation ($17.99).

It’s a fifth week of the month, so the superhero publishers are basically filling in. DC’s got a bunch of collections and reprints, a couple of annuals, a couple of books aimed at kids, and the debut of the Ravagers, my new favorite Bad Superhero Team Name. “We ravage!” “I don’t think that means what you think it means.”

Marvel, on the other hand, is flooding the shelves with 2nd and 3rd printing variant covers (I count 13), so shoppers, make sure you don’t already have that comic before you snatch it up. They are also offering some X-Men-related new comics. I’d normally look forward to Wolverine and the X-Men #11, but it’s an AvX tie-in, so I don’t expect a real story.

Star Trek Doctor Who cover A

Let’s talk about some comics I’ve already read. Angel & Faith #10 (Dark Horse, $2.99) welcomes guest artist Chris Samnee for a one-issue story guest-starring two women from Giles’ past. They turn out to be his rather silly aunts, and they’ve gotten themselves in a pickle, which Faith and Angel have to resolve in the script by Christos Gage. Typical of his work, this story is well-suited to the characters while still being surprisingly creative in taking a new twist. Yes, there’s also plenty of monster fighting, but there’s a good bit of humor in amongst the demons and deals with the devil.

From IDW, Ghostbusters #9 ($3.99) kicks off the “Haunted America” arc, where the team leaves New York temporarily, taking a road trip in a tricked-out motorhome to various other cities. First up, Detroit, where a ghost army is setting up camp in preparation for invading Canada. I liked seeing Winston getting so much focus this issue, actually making a difference at the end, even if the plot is yet another “find ghost, trap ghost”.

The bigger focus from that publisher this week is the Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover Assimilation2 ($3.99, more for some of the six variant covers). I’ve decided I don’t care for comics with painted artwork, so the J.K. Woodward art didn’t sit right with me. It looked stiff and unmoving.

The plot involves the Borg and the Cybermen teaming up, a natural pairing, although you’d think they’d ultimately defeat each other trying to decide which hivemind would be primary. (Oops, have I spoiled the ending?) The Doctor Who characters, as written by some combination of Scott & David Tipton and Tony Lee, didn’t sound right to me, with everyone flat in voice. Like IDW’s previous Star Trek crossover, it’s very disappointing to see the two groups not even interacting this issue. Instead, we get a jumble of scenes and half-realized plots that don’t come together coherently. Still, I suppose it doesn’t matter, since these stories are sold on franchise names only. It’s a cool idea to team up the two long-running science fiction brands; fans will buy regardless of what’s done with it.

5 Responses to “Good Comics Out May 30, Short Reviews of Angel & Faith #10, Ghostbusters #9, Star Trek/Doctor Who”

  1. Thad Says:

    I thought Tony Lee wrote a great Tenth Doctor, but I haven’t read any of his Eleventh Doctor stuff.

  2. Tristan Says:

    Hey! Thanks for wording up Ghostbusters! We’re all really excited for the release of this issue!

  3. Johanna Says:

    Tristan, glad to hear it! Thad, the Doctor segment was the best part of a poor issue, if that helps.

  4. Anthony Says:

    I didn’t care for the Star Trek/Legion crossover (I’ve never liked Q, the plot felt slow-paced, and I could see the story’s ending coming as soon as Q showed up…). Was hoping Who fans would find the Trek/Who crossover better…

  5. James Schee Says:

    I really wanted to like the Who/ST:TNG as I love both franchises. Yet that first issue was like pulling teeth.

    I want to get that Monsieur Jean book, as I love those strips. Odd that I fist discovered it in the D&Q hcs, where he was married. Then there as a MJ collection where he was single. Curios to see where he is now.

    I liked the second issue of Americas Got Power, not sure where it is going, but fun ride so far.

    I want to check out that Superman Family all ages title too.




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