Sanctuary #5

Sanctuary #5 cover

Stephen Coughlin’s Sanctuary series, one of SLG’s digitally serialized series, is continuing with issue #5, which came out last month.

The animals are still trying to figure out who killed the panda, although the scientists care more about it than the creatures do. We open with the giraffes, Biff and Lorraine, arguing over whether their lifestyle is pretty cushy or trapped in a prison. (The answer is both, which is one of the thematic conflicts of the series.) I love Coughlin’s distinctively designed cast. The giraffes are long-necked, of course, but their chins and ears are unusually pointed, which gives them a sense of movement and a unique look.

There’s a lot of menace on display here, from the scientists scheming against each other to the spiders, who aren’t on anyone’s side and have huge strength in numbers. The humans are all nasty, to some degree, especially with their tendency to blow up animals that don’t behave the way they want. It’s an interesting position, rooting for the non-humans against our own type, but the animals’ lifestyle and relationships seem more honest.

I can’t wait to see how everything wraps up next issue. Sanctuary #5 can be purchased from SLG Publishing or comiXology for 99 cents. (The artist provided a digital review copy.)

Update: I have since been informed that the series is *seven* issues, not six, so there are two more issues of goodness to go.

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