Birdcage Books’ Digestate Food Comic Anthology on Kickstarter

Birdcage Books has announced Digestate, a comic anthology with the theme of food and eating.

Digestate anthology promo

They have a great lineup of participants, including Jonathan Baylis, Marc Bell, Berkeley Breathed, Box Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Renee French, Danny Hellman, Sam Henderson, Keith Knight, James Kochalka, L. Nichols, Liz Prince, Brian Ralph, Alex Robinson, and Mr. Birdcage himself, J.T. Yost. He’s been posting spotlights on contributing artists and more information on pledge rewards at his blog.

The book will be funded through Kickstarter, where all the pledge levels are basically preorders. It’s $20 to get a copy of the book, with over 250 pages by over 50 cartoonists, due out in October. Pay more, and you can get additional minicomics, prints, original art, or custom drawings, all at reasonable prices. The Kickstarter page also has sample pages from some of the anthology stories. Several are a bit weird.

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  1. J.T. Yost Says:

    Thanks for helping get the word out. Much appreciated!

  2. September 2012 Previews » Comics Worth Reading Says:

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