Win John Carter on Blu-ray!
June 6, 2012

You may have seen my review of John Carter over this weekend, and you may be curious to check it out for yourself. (I was. And I’m glad I did.) Now, with many thanks to Disney, I am able to run a contest giving away two copies of the Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack.

Here’s the trailer for the Blu-ray, which became available yesterday:

To enter to win, please leave a comment below telling me whether you’ve seen the movie or not and why you want a copy. (Just ’cause I’m curious.) Two winners will be picked randomly from all entries on Friday, June 8. And tell your friends! Links and retweets are much appreciated.

(U.S. and Canada addresses only. Winners will be emailed to confirm address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose.)

44 Responses  
Jamie Coville writes:  

I saw the movie in the theatre.
I virtually never buy movies I’ve seen in the theatre, but Jon Carter is a borderline one that I might one day buy when the prices come down. So I’d like to win it.

Brian writes:  

Haven’t seen the movie, and I’ve only read a few of the comics. I’m curious to see more!

Lowell Francis writes:  

I saw it and liked it, but wanted to love it. The opening confused me and that threw me out of things right away. I want to watch again and try to figure out what it does right and what it does wrong.

Brian clopper writes:  

I grew up reading the books and loved them. I haven’t seen the movie, but plan on it. Actually, bit behind on my movie watching as I’ve been trying to win the battle of bringing down the percentage on my DVR. Too much good tv of late.

Thanks for having this contest.

Barney writes:  

I really liked the movie when I saw it in the theater. Sure it had a few weak parts but overall I thought it was fun. While not entirely faithful to the novel it was certainly more faithful than any Tarzan adaption I’ve seen. I would actually like to see it again and maybe get my friends who haven’t seen it to check it out. Really it deserved better treatment than it got from both moviegoers and Disney.

James Schee writes:  

I’d like it, as I saw it in theaters and thought it was a fun movie. I’m waiting for prices to come down (I’m in process of moving, and trying to keep my $ close to my vest) but with no Red Box or Blockbuster Xpress availability of the movie and the only movie store in my area now wanting $4 for 1 day. I wish I could see it earlier.

Also, I sort of feel like it is the Charlie Brown of movies in some respect. It tries really hard to be faithful to material, though a bit more fairer to diversity and women roles. (you yourself enjoyed Dejah) Something I thought most people appreciate.

Yet the sheer hate and scorn this movie got was beyond all scope of imagination. I don’t have problem with someone disliking the movie, but the sheer joy seemed to take in seeing it be a bust, many weeks before the movie even came out was puzzling.

Sorry, rant over. lol

Brian Love writes:  

Have not seen the movie. I do have fond memories of reading the Barsoom stories, and want to see a horde of Tharks.

Rilkar writes:  

I saw it. I think it’s a great companion to the books since a lot of what they changed made it better. Like how Sarkoja gets killed is MUCH better in the movie than in the book.

I really feel that an animated adaptation by Hanna Barbera, back around when Johnny Quest was airing, would’ve been more popular.

Oh, and I want it because I don’t have enough money to buy a copy.

Ursula writes:  

i haven’t seen it yet but my good friend really liked it and the way he described it, it seems like a really fun sci-fi movie!

David Beard writes:  

Loved the property since middle school Marvel Comics in the 1970s, loved the movie… would love the disc!

David Oakes writes:  

I have not seen the movie, and I would like a copy so I can see the movie.

argo plummer writes:  

Haven’t seen the movie–want to see it because I would enjoy watching it with my boys and because I have always been a big Tarzan fan but never have gotten into John Carter.

hardtravelinghero writes:  

I haven’t seen the movie but want to because it looks visually spectacular, even if I hear the story is crap.

Caanan writes:  

I saw it in IMAX and loved it.

Before I moved to Canada, I had a real, full time job, and even freelanced in the evenings and on weekends. I had SO much money and I wasn’t afraid to grow my DVD collection by multiple discs per week. Now, I do a webcomic full time that, if I didn’t have a wife, wouldn’t earn me enough to eat, or live in a house (and indeed, have a blu-ray player) and I live a very small existence where I don’t have disposable income for that sort of thing any more, and don’t ask for anything, really, because I don’t feel I deserve it. I’ve gone from being an avid collector of DVDs, comics, books, etc. to just being happy to work full time on a comic. (My wife is an avid movie goer, but she doesn’t have that ‘gotta have it forever’ mentality like me.)

I’d love a disc to feel just a tiny piece of that old life again. Also, the waiting list for getting it from the local library is probably a year long already. Sorry that was long. :)

Don MacPherson writes:  

I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard good things and that the movie just wasn’t marketed well.

hapax writes:  

I don’t usually enter these contests, but spouse and son both expressed an interest in this movie and we missed it when it was in the theatres.

(I kinda want to encourage this interest, since spouse is definitely a “I only watch quality movies with excellent writing and acting” type, and son is a budding “Did you notice the impact of those camera angles?” cinematography snob, and I want someone who will go see Stuff What Blows Up movies with me!)

Joe Palmer writes:  

I haven’t seen the film yet and am fondly reminded of the short stories of Carson of Venus (Pellucidar) that ran as a backup in DC’s Korak and the John Carter stories in Weird Worlds. Kaluta and Anderson’s art entranced me. Something seemed missing from the six issues of the Dynamite series that I read. Now I just read the Tales of Sand adaptation with art by Ramon Perez, who is the artist on Marvel’s Warlord mini, and am in complete awe of his skill. None of which has much to do directly with wanting to see the film now, but that’s how my mind works.

Michael Paciocco writes:  

I saw the movie and quite enjoyed it. I’d like to get the discs so I can cruise the special features and maybe get a deeper appreciation for the famous mythos of this whole thing.


I saw this movie, and I LOVED IT!! There were so many things I loved in this movie. The story, the characters, sets/locations, visual effects, etc. Andrew Stanton did a great job for his first live-action film. I would love to check out the blu-ray and see how awesome the picture will look and how amazing the sound will be. I especially want to watch the special features, especially the commentary. I love special features, especially for films I love.

Anna T. writes:  

Saw the movie in the theater, and it made me sad that most of my friends didn’t want to see it for various illogical reasons. After seeing the movie, I had to go and pick up the book(s), which I then thoroughly enjoyed. Winning the DVD would give me a chance to host a viewing party of John Carter to show my friends who didn’t know what they were missing by not seeing it during its theater run.

SKFK writes:  

Thank you very much for running another great giveaway, Johanna!

I saw the movie in the theater with my oldest (twelve-years old) son, and we both loved it. Lynn Collins did such a great job portraying Dejah Thoris. The movie revived my interest in the original novels (I had only read A Princess Of Mars in a badly translated edition when I was a kid) and since then I’ve downloaded free public domain copies of the first five Barsoom novels to my Kindle app. (Right now I’m in the middle of the second book, The Gods Of Mars.)

I would love to win a copy of the movie, so that I can share it with my wife and two younger sons at home.

Michael writes:  

I haven’t seen it, but only because the money is tight right now.

I’d love to win the copy so I can introduce my two daughters to the Burrough’s character. Perhaps the movie will inspire them to read the books.


My son loved it and wouldn’t stop bragging about it. Would love to see what if he’s right about the film, and don’t want to believe all the negative feedback the movie received. Looked interesting.

John Martin writes:  

I have not seen it, but I want to because I’m a fan of the original John Carter OF MARS books and I’d like to see how they did. ^_^

ShadZ writes:  

I have seen it, and I liked it enough to see it again, and share it with others…

Isaac writes:  

I have not seen it yet, but I would greatly enjoy seeing it because I just finished reading A Princess of Mars and enjoyed it. Also, I liked X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and the two leads in John Carter also starred in that film.

Eric writes:  

I saw the movie in the theater and really enjoyed it. I thought it was a fun, old-fashioned adventure story.

Helen T writes:  

I haven’t seen it yet, I would like one because it looks like it might be a good movie and I love disney movies :)

Danny writes:  

Ah, John Carter. Difficult to pack all the craziness of those great and flawed books into one movie!!! Or, given the responses, so I’d guess.

I’d love to have a copy of this, mostly to see if the boy who discovered Burroughs in the library so many years ago still can stare at Mars and yearn to stand there himself.

Jer writes:  

I haven’t seen it – mostly because I’m not that big a fan of the books and the ads for the movie made it look terrible. I’m on the fence about buying it for myself, because I’ve read a few more recent reviews (including yours) and they make me think that the movie might be more fun than I was led to believe by the ad campaign/reviews around the film release.

takingitoutside writes:  

My answer is pretty much the same for both questions – when it was in theatres, I couldn’t find anyone to see it with. Since I wasn’t able to see it in theatres, I want to see it at home.

Lane writes:  

I missed seeing the movie in the theater. I really would like to see it.
I’ve read and enjoyed the books. My family would like to see it too.

Daniel writes:  

I saw it in the theater and I loved it! I’ve been a Burroughs fan for as long as I’ve been reading, and I’ve been waiting for this movie for years. I’m so disappointed that the mighty Disney marketing machine didn’t seem to know what to make of it. With the current popularity of steampunk it should have been a slam-dunk.

Thom writes:  

I have not seen it. I am curious, because I am interested to see it for a few reasons…including it looked like it could be fun to watch and I am curious to see how well a Pixar guy handled live action.

Jack Rodgers writes:  

I didn’t see it in theaters because I couldn’t get any of my friends interested in watching it.

I’d like to own a copy since a) I usually like space opera b) I’m interested in the recent trend of animators directing live-action films c) I’m a fan of co-screenwriter Michael Chabon.

Shannon Smith writes:  

I did not see it because I pretty much only see movies in the theater that are PG or G and my kids pick them out. I’d love to see it though. I liked the old Marvel comics. I love me some Space Tarzan. My daughter loves Star Wars so I think she might like it too.

Jeff writes:  

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but then rarely get to the theatre (made the leap for Avengers with my daughter! Great decision.). I was interested in eventually seeing it (ie. DVD release date) until the press on this seemed to indicate it was a flop. Your review gave me some more hope. I have no real experience with the John Carter universe except some early memory of a comic I once read and all the Adam Strange adventures which seem to have heavily drawn on them for inspiration…

Kat Kan writes:  

The family and I saw the movie in the theater and liked it, I’d love to get the Blu-Ray with the features.

Jay writes:  

Didn’t get to see it in the theatres (mostly because it was a period where we didn’t get out much…). Really looking forward to watching it on blu-ray with my family — especially my son!

Charity S writes:  

No, I haven’t had the chance to see this movie yet. Thanks

Dan Reilly writes:  

I haven’t seen the film yet…no one would go with me when it was released theatrically, thanks to the awful, boring marketing campaign. I do, however, have fond memories of the Marvel series from when I was a kid. I even bought the recent Marvel omnibus to see if the stories still hold up. I’m really looking forward to watching this film with my three-year0old Son….I think he’ll love it. (He’s a chip off the old block!)

Johanna writes:  

Thanks, everyone, for participating! I’ve drawn the random selection and notified the two winners.

I found it really interesting reading all of your comments about why you hadn’t seen the movie or wanted to see it again. It seems this is one of those films that lots of people are interested in seeing if it’s made easy, but not necessarily enough to seek it out or spend the money.

Thom writes:  

Part of it is a lack of attachment to the character. Most of what I know about it is that artists really seem to dig drawing the Princess character. :)

2nd is that funds are tight, blu-rays have been downgraded to buying the essentials. ;)

William Landefeld writes:  

I have seen it. It is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time and could not understand how the box office numbers were so low. I’m hoping they make a sequel.


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