Archie CEO Legal Battle Settled

The Associated Press has reported that a judge has approved a mediated settlement between Archie Comics co-CEOs Nancy Silberkleit and Jon Goldwater. The battle began almost a year ago with Goldwater filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against Silberkleit in an attempt to force her out of the company and ban her from the premises. As reported by the AP:

The settlement details are confidential, but Silberkleit lawyer Howard D. Simmons said the pact restored her reputation and her post at Archie.

“Nancy Silberkleit and Jon Goldwater are no longer in an adversarial position, and they are beginning their working relationship anew,” Simmons said. “She’s thrilled to have settled this extremely upsetting matter.”

However, there may be storm clouds on the horizon. Goldwater gets his 50% share through control of a trust that benefits his nieces and holds 25%. Those women are making noises about suing over the CEOs’ “dirty hands”. The three nieces claim that their trust hasn’t gotten any money since he took over and accuse Goldwater of “misusing the company’s assets”.

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