Frequent Moviegoers Now Extinct
June 15, 2012

Deadline Hollywood reports on a survey on entertainment consumption among US and UK consumers. It found that while 28% of US consumers said that movies were a “frequent source of entertainment” two years ago, the most recent survey shows that figure at 3%. No wonder movie studios are so concerned!

The VP of Global Brand Marketing for Activision summed it up as, “You can’t market your way out of a bad product anymore,” because consumers quickly tell others on social media what they really thought. There are so many other options that if a movie doesn’t sound good, it’s easier and cheaper to watch something at home.

The usual speculation follows in comments about whether the decline is due to poor quality product, movies being too expensive, a bad experience in theaters (talkers, cellphones, ads), or some combination of all of the above. I think a smart way to approach the problem would be to target demographics that still go to the movies, when something is presented they want to see, like older viewers and women, but studio chiefs still seem interested most in chasing the teenage male.

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Chris writes:  

“…poor quality product, movies being too expensive, a bad experience in theaters (talkers, cellphones, ads), or some combination of all of the above.”

Bingo. Why can’t the studio execs see this? Have they actually been to a theater?

takingitoutside writes:  

Another thing to consider: theatres’ emphasis on 3D. I live within walking distance of a big theatre (16 screens, I think). For the last month or so, half to three-quarters of those screens have been filled with 3D films – which cost more than the already expensive 2D films – every weekend. The theatre pushes 3D films so strongly that the films I am interested in get pushed out too quickly for me to watch (or never make it into the theatre to begin with).

I’ve seen the occasional 3D film, but they’re a once-a-year kind of thing. If there aren’t any regular movies to watch, I won’t go.

Kat Kan writes:  

I wear glasses, and I really hate the whole 3-D movement, because having to wear one set of glasses over my own gives me a headache. The main reason I can’t go to as many movies in the theater is family dynamics – my husband, younger son, and I must babysit older son’s baby a lot, and older son and his wife work different shifts.

Michael Neno writes:  

I enjoy adult dramas. There are, admittedly, not many released during the summer, but this year there are fewer than ever. When the theatres start again showing movies like A Separation, Melancholia, Drive, Young Adult, Carnage, Margin Call, The Ides of March, Michael Clayton, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, The Tree of Life, etc. I’ll have my wallet open.


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