December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter Provides Read-Along Experience in Comics

December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter

Michael Jasorka has created a 56-page graphic novel, December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter, that is intended to be a read-along experience. It started as a successful Kickstarter, and now he’s selling it himself. As he describes it,

I’ve taken a found audio from a 1970s U.F.O. conference of an ex-Nebraska resident and state patrolman, Herbert Schirmer, as he tells his story of being taken up in a U.F.O. spacecraft back in 1967 and is literally illustrated word for word in a complete package containing the audio on CD.

I know there have been comics before that released soundtracks, collections of songs that inspired or match the mood of the work, but this is the first I’ve heard of that wants you to follow along, like those old record album books or filmstrips. It’s a bit pricey, due to the inclusion of the CD and the use of spot color, but I like Jasorka’s art style. This would make a great gift for your favorite UFO nut or alien encounter believer. Here are a couple of sample pages:

Alien Encounter sample pageAlien Encounter sample page

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