Stylish Vittles Free for Download

Stylish Vittles 10th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate his tenth anniversary as a professional comic creator, Tyler Page has posted a free eBook representing some of his most historically important work. The Stylish Vittles 10th Anniversary Collection, collecting the three previous print volumes with an additional conclusion, can be downloaded as a PDF at no charge. It’s available with or without the Director’s Cut, which re-presents the works in a new, abridged form. The Deluxe version also contains:

two Appendices: Appendix One is almost one thousand pages of process material — outlines, scripts, sketches, layouts, etc. Appendix Two contains all of the material I did which led up to the creation of the Stylish Vittles books. Altogether, the Stylish Vittles 10th Anniversary Deluxe Collection contains over 2,000 pages of art, story, and process material! For free!

I enjoyed reading the books, back when they came out, as a coming-of-age story and young college romance, and the process work should be educational to any aspiring creators or those who enjoy seeing how comics come to be. Go ahead, check them out!

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