Can Anyone Actually Fight Like That? A Small Piece of Avengers Academy #31

I reached the final page of Avengers Academy #31, a title I like reading, and saw the team gearing for battle against the Phoenix Force-led X-Men. That page looks like this. (Click for bigger.)

Avengers Academy #31 page 22

It’s a fairly typical “we’re going to fight you!” superhero team pose, drawn by Timothy Green II, inked by Jeff Huet. However, the way the White Tiger was standing struck me as remarkably silly. Look, here’s a closeup:

Avengers Academy #31 White Tiger closeup

First, it doesn’t appear that she’s actually putting any weight on her feet, especially that one extending off the page. Weirder, though, is how she’s pulled her arms back. No one prepares for a punch by forcing their elbow behind their back. That pushes your fist out to the side, not drawn back to hit. The other arm’s just kind of hanging there in space, as though she’s showing you she has a bicep. This is a “I’ve got boobies!” pose, not an “I’m going to kick your ass” stance.

It shouldn’t surprise me that this was considered a reasonable drawing, given the usual state of superhero comic art, even that used in books with a really good balanced and diverse cast of characters. I think I was struck by the pose because it was the last thing I saw in the book as my eyes tracked down the final page of the story.

6 Responses to “Can Anyone Actually Fight Like That? A Small Piece of Avengers Academy #31”

  1. Jason Says:

    Apparently it’s contagious, because Hazmat is standing the same way.

  2. Julia Says:

    The art this whole issue was wonky. There’s an earlier scene with White Tiger jumping into the panel to talk with X-23, and she looks like she’s on a trampoline posing for a pin-up calendar.

    And then Emma showed up…

  3. JD Says:

    Wasn’t the same artist also responsible for Psylocke’s infamous jumping pose in that one issue of Generation Hope ?

  4. Alistair Robb Says:

    This is because most Marvel “artists”, this one not excluded, went to the Rob Liefeld school of (crap) art.

  5. Steve B. Says:

    Maybe she just woke up from a nap and is having a nice refreshing stretch

  6. Irrevenoid Says:

    Smeh. No, she’s not drawing back for a punch – she’s also not actually *fighting* yet. The guy in the yellow top and goggles similarly has his arms back, as does red-skull guy and khaki-shirt lad. It’s a pre-combat ‘we’re puffing out our chests to look tough’ pose, not a mid-combat one. And yeah, it’s stylised.

    *VERY* harsh comparing this art to Liefeld’s. Liefeld repeatedly gets basic anatomical proportion wrong – waists the size of wrists, mouths with hundreds of teeth, two legs with one knee, etc. etc. You may question whether a character would pull that particular pose, but the figures all look anatomically possible.




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