Does a Mashup of Media References a Cartoon Make?

The local free weekly runs a comic panel called The HR Department by Ed Harrington. (I don’t know if it’s syndicated or not — the problem with calling your comic something so generic means it’s darn near impossible to google for information.) Here’s the latest example:

HR Department by Ed Harrington

While it tickled me, before I stopped to think about it, I also found myself wondering if this comic made any sense at all to someone who doesn’t recognize the Mythbusters cast members. Aquaman’s more well-known, I guess, but then there’s the combination of the two. Is it funny? Or just self-satisfying when the reader recognizes all the references?

(And in the “killing the joke” category — Aquaman spends all his time in water. Where his hand is shouldn’t matter.)

3 Responses to “Does a Mashup of Media References a Cartoon Make?”

  1. Thad Says:

    I’ve heard people under 20 repeat jokes about Donny Most that they heard on Family Guy, and then ask who Donny Most is, anyway. I don’t understand how anyone who doesn’t get the references would still think Family Guy is funny, but apparently there are a lot of them.

    Anyhow, I think the gag probably works if you don’t know who Adam and Jamie are, since most people get the hand-in-water joke. Hell, even if you don’t know who Aquaman is, you’ve still got toilet humor to fall back on.

  2. Anthony Says:

    Not sure why anyone thinks “Family Guy” is funny even if they *do* get the references, but… :-p

    I get the hand-in-water joke, though knowing Aquaman (and his aquatic nature), it makes it even dumber than it already is. Never having seen “Mythbusters,” no idea who those other guys are or what they have to do with the joke (besides the show’s premise of busting myths?).

  3. Thad Says:

    Well, presumably the myth they are testing is the hand-in-water one.

    And if you want to overthink the overthinking of the joke, maybe this is Part 2 and they’ve already confirmed the myth, but NOW they’re testing whether it works on Aquaman, too.




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