Pre-Con Headline LinkBlogging: Archie/Glee, Diamond Digital, MoCCA Museum, More

It’s that time of year, when every company wants to get their news out in conjunction with the San Diego Comic-Con. Only as more and more companies get lost in the media blitz — hey, when the big show is the cover story for Entertainment Weekly, what does a movie company care about some comic blog covering their pseudo announcement? — news bits are coming earlier and earlier, in order to beat the rush. Here are some quick hits about events I wanted to note.

Archie Meets Glee

Archie continues to drive sales with special events. The latest is another pop culture crossover. Unlike the Kiss appearance, this one’s a little more age-appropriate, as Archie meets Glee in a yet-unscheduled four-issue event. It’ll be written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who writes for the TV show and previously wrote the Fantastic Four comic. Art is by Dan Parent. Comics Alliance interviewed Archie head Jon Goldwater about the project.

Given my feelings on Kickstarter and similar self-funding mechanisms, it’s not going to surprise anyone that I find the idea of begging people to buy your books but calling it a reverse fundraiser a bit goofy and sad. Alterna Comics put out some books, which put their founder in debt. Now, they’re asking people to help bail him out by buying books on IndieGoGo. On one hand, this is how business is supposed to work — starting a company might require debt until products take off, and a smart entrepreneur takes that into account for the business plan. On the other, it’s too easy to start a comic company, and too many people get into it without thinking through the long-term money requirements. All they focus on is getting out an issue, often without enough concern for whether there’s really an audience or demand for it. Why involve a third party in this case when you could just promote your own online store? Unless it’s trying to hook onto a trend that’s getting more press than you ever could previously.

Hey, remember Diamond Digital? That was the monopoly comic distributor’s attempt to not become completely irrelevant in the digital market. Only it’s almost a year late. The new launch date is July 23.

MoCCA logo

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) in New York City has abruptly closed its physical location, sending out the following statement:

[The museum] will be closing its physical location effective immediately. The SoHo museum, currently at 594 Broadway, recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. While the physical space is closing, plans are afoot to continue MoCCA in a new and exciting incarnation. An announcement of MoCCA’s future arrangements will be forthcoming by the end of July.

That’s pretty weird. Normally, you want to have those new arrangements ready to announce — otherwise, it looks like things are pretty mixed up. There have already been a lot of questions about the museum’s status and future. This just contributes to more.

5 Responses to “Pre-Con Headline LinkBlogging: Archie/Glee, Diamond Digital, MoCCA Museum, More”

  1. Anthony Says:

    I thought “Glee” was already starting to become passe among its target audience? Or am I wrong? (Never seen the show…just going from what I read online) But yes, more age-appropriate than KISS…

  2. Johanna Says:

    Perhaps… I just want to see Kurt crush on Kevin Keller. Or vice versa.

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