Viz Launches Neon Alley, Anime Channel That Skips Traditional TV Model

Viz Media, manga and anime publisher, announced that they will be launching a new anime channel this fall. Neon Alley is a bit different, though, because you won’t get it through your cable or satellite provider; it will be delivered through game consoles. (Specifics not available, but I’m assuming/hoping this means all the major ones, similar to Netflix.)

Neon Alley logo

The service will carry uncut and dubbed anime in the United States and Canada, including Naruto Shippuden, Death Note, Tiger & Bunny, and Vampire Knight. It will cost $6.99 a month, although the programming isn’t ad-free. They promise “limited commercial advertising” to keep the price down as well as “studio agnostic [content], featuring titles from other anime producers and distributors”. From this panel writeup, they will also include “martial arts movies and behind-the-scenes content, and will also have anime shorts, OVAs, music videos, and anime news”.

Viz has a history of putting its anime wherever they can to reach viewers, from Netflix to streaming services Hulu and Joost to their own VizAnime website (where content is subtitled, not dubbed). This mechanism more directly monetizes the content, while reaching interested audience members directly. It also cuts out the major TV carriers, cable systems and satellites, who have been demonstrating resistance to adding more channels.


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