Kickstarter Stats to Consider

Planning a Kickstarter for your comic? You might want some data on which types of projects have been successful. Here are some high points, followed by an infographic from AppsBlogger:

* 44% of projects succeed, under half.

* Kickstarter makes it hard to find data on unfunded (unsuccessful) projects. They hide them from Google, for example.

* Successful projects tend to pass their target by a small margin, while failed projects fail big.

* If you have a bigger funding goal, you have less chance of success.

* Larger projects are more likely to deliver after a delay. Only 25% of projects deliver on time (based on studying tech projects).

The Untold Story Behind Kickstarter Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

3 Responses to “Kickstarter Stats to Consider”

  1. Mussorgsky112 Says:

    To be fair, when projects fail drastically it’s a reflection of the free market: the person failed to deliver a product/service that people need or want and/or the price requested was too high. Incentives increase a person’s odds because it means that a person is not simply donating the money but effectively pre-ordering it, sometimes at a discounted rate from the projected retail. For all the projects I’ve backed (currently: five funded, three will be funded in the next few days, and two failed), I’ve always chosen an incentive option that allows me donate and simultaneously pre-order the album, book, tech, or whatever. Those who fail at their projects learn not simply the lesson of marketing but also of the market: products that can’t sell won’t sell.

  2. David Oakes Says:

    It is probably a good thing that failure fails utterly. And that successes tend to be just 100%. It shows that the Invisible Hand is working properly.

    I would be more interested in campaigns that reach 75 or 90% before failing, or start strong but then peter out. That would tell us a lot more about how Kickstarter is functioning.

  3. Kickstarter and Comics | Stumptown Trade Review Says:

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