Manga Out Loud Returns With Super-Sized Kickstarter Edition

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After skipping last month, Manga Out Loud has returned with a nearly three-hour edition covering Kickstarter and Digital Manga. I know that’s a lot to listen to, but Ed has nicely marked the time breaks in the show notes.

We start with some of the anime Ed’s been watching recently, then some news headlines discussion with Matt Blind, followed by a lengthy discussion on the Kickstarter model between Matt and Ed. Then we swap in a second group of guests, Erica Friedman and Jason Yadao, to talk about some of the same news stories, including Tokyopop’s bigger presence recently, and the longer Kickstarter discussion. Erica and I get quite passionate about discussion, because we both love a good debate, but I think we cover a lot of ground and significant principles and questions. The wonderful Ben Applegate, our final special guest to talk more specifically about Digital Manga’s Kickstarter use, described it as “contentious… but respectful”, which I thought was a great summation.

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