Steve Lieber’s Work on Alabaster: Wolves Astounding

Panel from Alabaster: Wolves #5 by Steve Lieber

I haven’t been following Alabaster: Wolves closely, because I’m not good with dark fantasy or creepy supernatural horror, but I have to take a moment to praise Steve Lieber’s art. Look at how wistfully heartbroken this character appears. That’s the kind of subtle expression you don’t often see in genre comics of this type.

The premise of the miniseries, which completes with issue #5, out this Wednesday, involves a ghost, a talking bird, and a girl who used to have an angel possessing her. They team up, against their better judgment, to fight wolves and evil.

A key point of appeal is the strong sense of place, as Darcy ventures through a down-at-heels south that feels real, grounding the more exaggerated elements. The unique narrative voice, by Caitlin R. Kiernan, is refreshing, even if I think the series means more if you’ve read her novels with the same character.

2 Responses to “Steve Lieber’s Work on Alabaster: Wolves Astounding”

  1. Bill Williams Says:

    I shot an interview with Steve earlier this year and we talked a bit about the Alabaster mini-series.

  2. Michael Says:

    I caught onto this too late, sadly. It’s a five issue series right? If so, I’ll definitely grab it once it is collected. Lieber also dud some pretty great art on Busiek’s ‘Thoughts on a Winter Morning’, which I reviewed and thought was a very nice reflection piece.




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