KC Talks About Moving a Comic Collection

As frequent readers know, my July and August are basically lost, since we’re moving halfway across the country, and we are long past the years where everything fits in a car or you can bribe friends to do it with beer and pizza.

Anyway, KC’s latest Westfield column is about various ways and times he’s moved comics in the past. Learn which boxes of comics are the heaviest! And I love the pictures Roger picked!

3 Responses to “KC Talks About Moving a Comic Collection”

  1. Another Reason to Go Digital: More on the Move » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] may have read KC’s post about the struggles of moving a large comic collection. He estimated 400 boxes of comics. Turned out, once we got a final count, that there were 480 comic […]

  2. KC Reflects on Our Move and Digital Comics » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] conversation continues. In his latest Westfield column, KC looks back at our move, shares a nightmare, and ponders switching to digital comics. Do you remember the GIT DVD-ROMs? […]

  3. Dwight Williams Says:

    Libraries still have microfilm/microfiche readers.

    At least, my library does.




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