A Helpful Shopping Tip: Looking for Wandering Son?

Amazon isn’t selling the first volume of Wandering Son right now, so the third-party sellers that list on that site have bumped up the price on the book. As of this writing, it starts at $65 US.

Wandering Son on Amazon

However, smart shoppers remember that Amazon isn’t the only source for online retail. Checking the publisher’s site shows that Fantagraphics is still offering the book at cover price. If you’re looking for a copy, why not go straight to the source?

Update: Fantagraphics has confirmed that Volume 1 of Wandering Son is currently out of print, but they are working on another printing, which should be available in stores and online “within the next month or so”.


  1. I really hate Amazon’s tendency to jack up prices on out-of-print manga. I still haven’t completed my Planetes collection because I’m not paying $45 for volume 4.5.

  2. Went this exact route for one of the Complete Peanuts sets. It arrived in a reasonable amount of time and in perfect condition. The Fantagraphics store is definitely a good one.

    Ursula: It’s not really so much Amazon as Amazon’s third-party sellers.

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