Bluewater Gives Up on Comic Market Distributor

The story’s at Robot 6: Comic publisher Bluewater — known for ripping off artists while chasing trends with incompetent and poor quality biographical comics — is taking its ball and going home. Since not many people are interested in buying their works, Diamond has been canceling Bluewater orders for not making the minimums necessary for Diamond to distribute them. So Bluewater is quitting Diamond, the only significant avenue into the comic shop direct market.

They’re now going to be distributed — and printed — by something called Comic Flea Market, which, when you have a reputation for putting out badly done comics, may not be the best choice for a name. Company President Darren G. Davis says in regard to choosing to end their relationship with Diamond, “if we have a book that only sold 500 copies, there’s no reason why they should distribute it. But it just doesn’t help me as a publisher.”

Well, no, and I would wonder why a publisher would bother putting out a comic that only sold 500 copies. The motivations are different for a self-publisher, of course, and Bluewater may have other sales channels that make up for the low comic market numbers — but I haven’t seen any evidence of such things and don’t know what they might be.

Bluewater comics will still be available to retailers at similar discounts as they were getting from Diamond — if they have any interest and are willing to do the extra work of going direct. I suspect most won’t bother. Betting opens now on how long the publisher lasts after cutting themselves off from the most important outlet for periodical comics.

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