Free Beta of MotionArtist Software for Comic, Animation Creation

Smith Micro (publisher of Poser, Anime Studio, and Manga Studio) is making their new MotionArtist software available as a free beta from now until January 15, 2013.

I admit, I’m a little confused about what MotionArtist actually does. They plug it as “a comic book software solution that allows users to easily add motion to their comics and create interactive HTML5 presentations and uniquely styled photo-shows”, but if it involves motion and interactivity, how is it creating comics? Sounds more like animation to me. I think you can make comics with it, though, without the bells and whistles if you so choose. Here’s a video that explains more:

Anyway, you artists out there might have fun trying it out. And if you’re the first one to report a valid issue or make a feature request that they include, you get a free copy once it’s released in February 2013. (Warning: the website tries really hard to be hip.)

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