Latest DC Announcement Teams Superman and Wonder Woman

Entertainment Weekly has the scoop:

Justice League #12 cover

In Justice League #12, out August 29, Geoff Johns is pairing up Wonder Woman and Superman as a couple. “’This is the new status quo,’ says Johns, adding that the relationship will have a seismic impact on all the heroes and villains in the DC universe.” The cover shown here is by Jim Lee, who “took inspiration from Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss and Alfred Eisenstaedt’s V-J Day in Times Square photograph.” With added bondage elements. I wish they looked a little more romantic or passionate, instead of like posed plastic action figures.

Also, I think I liked this idea better when it happened in Action Comics #600, back in 1988, but that’s probably because I like George Pérez’s art more than Lee’s.

From Action Comics #600

I also dislike the growing trend of removing all the humans from the superhero comics, such that we’re only left with stories about “demigods” pounding on each other. Superman and Lois Lane belong together … and while I’m sure DC will eventually bring that relationship back as well, since their modis operandi is rewriting older stories and reintroducing pre-existing characters, I’m not that interested in how they get there.

Especially since this seems to be another stunt done to raise controversy and thus sales. As the article says, “Johns and Lee expect some outcry and certainly some debate. Actually, they’re counting on it.” Of course they are. It’s easier to sell superheroes these days based on fan emotion instead of good stories.

10 Responses to “Latest DC Announcement Teams Superman and Wonder Woman”

  1. Chris G Says:

    Jim Lee’s people look like plastic on a GOOD day.

  2. Thad Says:

    Did a double-take when I saw that cover thumbnail — at first I thought Superman had grown his mullet back.

  3. Alex A Says:

    Does bring up a good question; how do you hide a chubby while wearing a super suit?

  4. Bytowner Says:

    How many times has this well been visited already over the generations?

  5. argo plummer Says:

    I enjoyed the Byrne / Perez take on this (for the record, Byrne’s Superman was the only Superman I have read regularly and is “my Superman”–take that Geoff Johns!). However, my favorite takexon Supes / WW relationship was an issue of Action Comics by Joe Kelly. (#762–somewhere around there). Supes and WW are trapped in an alternate dimension–i won’t ruin the story but it examines why it could work and why it never does. Track it down!

  6. Joe G Says:

    This will be temporary. I kind of wish they would flesh out the Batman/WW relationship that seemed to get cut short years ago.

  7. Johanna Says:

    Or Wonder Woman and Aquaman, remember that? Who in the Justice League hasn’t she been with? Green Lantern?

  8. James Schee Says:

    Johanna, remember at one point there was thought of getting her with Guy Gardner.(at least by his at the time creative team)

    So that leaves Flash?

    I think it’ll be an odd story, but also thin some are making a bigger deal than it is. I suspect, despite “seismic” boasts from creators, that it’ll be a plot line played with, gotten past and forgotten soon after. Just like most of the NuDC, oops that’s mean.

    Then again nothing in JL has been shown in any other book. Superman is pretty different, Batman is different, WW is totally different than her current run (see Steve Trevor) and heck even Hal is different than his own book. Which is especially odd since it is the same writer!

  9. Brian B. Says:

    I’ve *never* thought that Superman belonged with Lois, but that’s probably because 95% of my take on their relationship rests on Pre-Crisis handling, when Lois was only interested in proving Clark was the Man of Steel. Too many others have been better qualified to be “the one” for Superman, and not all of them have even been members of the “L.L.” club! By contrast, I have to admit that I’ve been intrigued with the Post-Crisis dalliances with Batman, particularly in the Justice League cartoon.

    As for Jim Lee, while I think his basic drawing construction is sound, he suffers from the same problem as other “Image” artists… he draws like he gets paid by how many sketchy ink strokes are on the paper. It’s annoying and just looks cluttered.

  10. Tom Cherry Says:

    “It’s easier to sell superheroes these days based on fan emotion instead of good stories.”

    A great comment and sadly so true!




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