Viz Digital Goes to Same-Day Releases

Viz has announced that, for those titles that are released digitally, they will come out on the same day as the print editions. From the press release:

Beginning today [August 7], all VIZ Manga releases will debut on Tuesdays. In addition, digital volumes of current releases will debut on the same day as its print debut.

Viz has the most comprehensive digital strategy of any manga publisher — and one that compares favorably to all comic digital releases. They put out a lot of material, make it easy to find on a variety of platforms (Android, iOS, and web), and price sensibly. Where print books start at $9.99, most of their digital releases are only $4.99, and they run frequent sales.

Note that while they’re promising that the digital releases won’t lag behind the print versions, some titles come to digital early. Blue Exorcist Volume 8, for example, is coming out online three months before its scheduled print release on November 6. Psyren Volume 6 is out now digitally, while the print version ships September 4.

John Jakala has more analysis of what this decision means, including how

It signals Viz’s commitment to digital. To be honest, at times I questioned Viz’s will and/or ability to stick with digital, but this reassures me.

It makes Viz perhaps the only publisher to charge less than print for digital day-and-date.

That last one is probably the most significant and the place where Viz is the most forward-looking online publisher.

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