Bandai Entertainment Calls It Quits

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Not a surprising announcement, after the news at the beginning of the year that the company would no longer be publishing new releases — now Bandai Entertainment is completely ending its U.S. marketing and sales. Anime News Network reports that

the company will discontinue sales of its Blu-ray discs, DVDs, manga, and novels. The company noted that it will make its final shipment of manga and novels to retailers by the end of October.

While it’s never a good sign to see a company cease, in this case, it’s not something that affects me or the manga readers I know. Looking back at the site, we only ever talked about one manga title — The Girl Who Leapt Through Time — and Ed didn’t much care for it. Their anime releases were better known, but the only one of their titles I was even curious about was Planetes, and that’s only because I liked the manga so much.


  1. Argh. I’d better buy that FREEDOM Blu-Ray box set while I still can.

  2. And that’s the main reason to publicize this — so customers can get the product they want before the out-of-print price increases start happening.

  3. And in addition to the really fun Girl Who Leapt Through Time anime, I believe Bandai is the only US distribution for 5 Centimeters Per Second as well. I don’t know how licenses work. Maybe Funimation will pick them up.

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