Win a Copy of Message to Adolf

The Manga Critic is giving away a copy of Vertical’s new release Message to Adolf. This Osamu Tezuka classic is priced at $26.95, but you have a chance to win a copy by commenting at her site before midnight next Wednesday, September 19.

I’m not playing, because I was lucky enough to get a review copy I’m looking forward to reading, but my answer for favorite Tezuka title would either be Black Jack or Princess Knight, depending on my mood. The former is the popular choice there so far.


  1. Do you plan on announcing each time the Manga Critic has a giveaway contest?

  2. I haven’t in the past — this one seemed timely, as I’d just gotten my own copy. Why, would you like me to?

  3. I sure would. Your readers love contests! :)

  4. I want you to tell us about contests too. But just ones that interest me, okay? :)

  5. Oh, ok. Be sure to submit your list of particular interests to keepdreaming@comicsworthreading. :)

  6. Heck, I’d like to know about any contests related to comics, movies, and similar forms of pop culture.

  7. Jo I tried that e-mail but it didn’t work.:) LOL kidding, sorry for being a smart ass. I appreciate you pointing out contests, as I don’t really follow much of the comic/manga blogosphere( do they stil call it that?) So you help keep me in the loop!

  8. I’m not sure there’s really a blogosphere any more — so much conversation has moved to social media or Tumblr. Things keep changing, right? Anyway, I’ll continue to post about contests I see that I think readers will be interested in. Glad to know you guys like that!

  9. The contests you have or link to are a great impetus to check your blog frequently, in addition to your unique perspective of criticism and review of comics and movies.

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