Darling Pet Munkee Songs Based on Old Comic Book Ads

Darling Pet Munkee is a garage surf-rock band that writes songs about items found in ads in the back of old comics (similar to those covered in Mail-Order Mysteries). Their first song was “X-Ray Specs”, the video for which (as you might imagine) features lots of lingerie, as shown here.

My favorite, though, is “Monster S-I-Z-E Monsters”, because it’s so cute and heartbreaking seeing Frankenstein’s Monster trying to get a date.

You can download these songs and the band’s others from their website. The band consists of Catherine Capozzi (guitars), Sophia Cacciola (drums, vocals), and Michael J. Epstein (bass, vocals). The band’s name comes from yet another ad, as shown here:

Pet Monkey Comic Book Ad

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