September 2012 Previews

Today is the last day to order with your comic shop from the Diamond Previews catalog (officially — some people are special and get slack time). So just under the wire, here are a few titles that I’m expecting to be good reads.

Books I Recommend You Consider

Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me coverGlitter Kiss cover
Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and MeGlitter Kiss
by Ellen Forneyby Adrianne Ambrose and Monica Gallagher
Gotham Books, $20Oni Press, $15.99
SEP12 1118, due NovemberSEP12 1167, due December
I’ve enjoyed Ellen Forney’s autobiographical tales since her Monkey Food, but this one sounds a little darker. It’s promised to explore “the relationship between ‘crazy’ and ‘creative'” in light of Forney’s bipolar disorder. The graphic memoir is the most popular type of comic story among traditional book publishers, and this seems to fall squarely into that slot, but the determining factor is the strength of the story and artist. On both counts, this should be a fascinating read. Lots more info at the book’s website.I’ve enjoyed several of Monica Gallagher‘s minicomics, and I like her art style, so I should enjoy this magical high school romance. Kind of weird it’s not mentioned on the publisher’s website yet, though.
Thermae Romae coverSoulless: The Manga Volume 2 cover
Thermae RomaeSoulless: The Manga Volume 2
by Mari Yamazakiby Gail Carriger
Yen Press, $34.99Yen Press, $12.99
SEP12 1279, due NovemberSEP12 1277, due Oct 24
Two manga by Yen, both of which I’m highly anticipating, but very different. Soulless continues adapting a supernatural mystery/romance novel series; I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed the first volume. Thermae Romae, in contrast, is an omnibus hardcover with one of those only-in-Japan stories about an ancient Roman architect accidentally traveling through time to a Japanese bathhouse. Should be fascinating!
Digestate coverPerhapanauts: Danger Down Under #1 cover
Digestate: A Food & Eating Themed AnthologyPerhapanauts: Danger Down Under #1
by Variousby Todd DeZago and Craig Rousseau
Birdcage Bottom Books, $19.95Image Comics, $3.50
SEP12 0877, due NovemberSEP12 0401, due November
Started as a Kickstarter, now available to anyone who’d like to see stories about food by Kevin Cannon, Tod C. Parkhill, Jonathan Baylis, Marc Bell, Marek Bennett, Berkeley Breathed, Box Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Renee French, Sam Henderson, James Kochalka, L. Nichols, Liz Prince, Brian Ralph, Alex Robinson, and many more. Such a potent topic, so dear to many of our hearts, and still underexplored in comics.I love the wacky monster team of the Perhapanauts, so I’m very happy to see them back in a new miniseries where they get to go to Australia, which has its own weird legendary creatures.

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