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Want to know more about how comic publishing works? Follow the insightful Gina Gagliano at the First Second Books website. She’s been providing all kinds of insight into how they, as a publisher, work, with substantial advice for any creator wanting to get noticed or reader just wondering how this stuff comes together. Some particularly good recent posts cover:

Speaking of which, the talented Faith Erin Hicks explains why she won’t draw your comic, even if you’re willing to pay her. This is essential insight into how an artist thinks about her choices for her career.

Of these eight projects, I have worked with a writer for TWO of them. For both of those projects the writers were long established professionals with many credits to their name, AND they were already hooked in with publishers who could pay me a (semi) living wage for my months of work. These publishers were legitimate publishers with distribution in place and markets to sell to. They ensured my hard work on the projects I did for them did not go down the drain.

I am a cartoonist with my own stories to tell, and I want to work with people who respect me as a professional and a collaborator.

Her followup post answers some other common questions, culminating in the most self-sufficient advice for a wannabe comic writer — draw your own.

Last, the genius Lucy Knisley (who’s aiming to do a project about Oscar Wilde and the places he went) created this amazing comic strip, “Vanishing Into My Head”, about the motivations for creation and the need to both form identity and share thoughts and emotions. Here’s a small excerpt:

Lucy Knisley's "Vanishing"

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