Pam Bliss Brings Kekionga Online

Kekionga Bug Book cover

The astounding Pam Bliss makes my favorite minicomics, in the classic style. They’re quarter-page, short glimpses into her made-up town of Kekionga, a wonderful, charming place somewhere in the Midwest. Now, she’s gone online with, a blog where she shares sketches (with comments on how they were constructed), techniques, tools, and artistic inspirations. Oh, and the occasional TV or movie review. (Much like here!)

Currently, Pam is in the middle of Minicomics Live!, an activity where she blogs her day making a minicomic. Follow along — right now, she’s completed the script and will next be drawing breakdowns.

Pam has other blogs, too: Hopelessly Lost, But Making Good Time is an archive of her minicomic creation essays, originally posted at Sequential Tart. The Hopelessly Lost Toolbox, its companion, contains resources to help with writing, storytelling, art, lettering, and general advice. The Coelacanth Gallery is her online “morgue”, a collection of images collected from around the web she found “interesting, beautiful, funny, inspirational, decorative, or plain cool”. She’s right — a Tumblr is a wonderful replacement for the old picture clipping files.

One Response to “Pam Bliss Brings Kekionga Online”

  1. Pam Bliss Says:

    Thank you so much for the mention! Minicomics live is getting very … interesting. The first one went so smoothly …




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