October 2012 Previews: A Small Month, Full of Reprints

Books I Recommend You Consider

The Adventures of Superhero Girl coverResident Alien: Welcome to Earth! cover
The Adventures of Superhero GirlResident Alien Volume 1: Welcome to Earth!
by Faith Erin Hicksby Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse
Dark Horse, $16.99Dark Horse, $14.99
OCT12 0042, due FebruaryOCT12 0046, due February
As reported last month, Faith Erin Hicks’ charming webcomic is coming to print … and unlike the self-published edition, this time in color. It’s funny, in how it looks at how a young woman with superheroic powers would really act. She can do amazing things, but she still worries about boys and looks and what to do with her life.I enjoyed the comics, issues #0-3, reprinted in this slim volume. Not sure I need to buy it again, but if you haven’t read it yet, it’s a nice little mystery with some sharp small-town observations.
Global Frequency coverHouse of Secrets Omnibus cover
Global FrequencyHouse of Secrets Omnibus
by Warren Ellis and various artistsby Steven T. Seagle, Teddy Kristiansen, and others
Vertigo/DC Comics, $19.99Vertigo/DC Comics, $75
OCT12 0299, due JanuaryOCT12 0297, due February
Now that the two previous collections of the 2002 anthology science fiction series are out of print, DC is sensibly bringing the series back into print as one big volume. Some of it is terribly dated, but some of it is still insightful. I’d read more — wish the comic would come back.I guess printing technology has progressed to the point that you can do a 750-page hardcover collecting over 27 comics without it falling apart. I’d forgotten about this odd offshoot, titled to maintain a brand but with some unusual characters and distinctive art. Odd what books are being made these days — it’s a real “clean out the file cabinet” approach sometimes.
The Perhapanauts: Treasure Obscura coverNaoki Urasawa 21st Century Boys Volume 2 cover
The Perhapanauts: Treasure ObscuraNaoki Urasawa’s 21st Century Boys Volume 2
by Todd DeZago & Craig Rousseauby Naoki Urasawa
Image Comics, $9.99Viz, $12.99
OCT12 0490, due DecemberOCT12 1259, due January
Image calls it Volume 2, I call it Volume 4, but the first two trades from Dark Horse are now Image’s V0, so whatever. I’m still glad to see more Perhapanauts stories, including the ones previously online-only.I’m ready for the final final volume, since 20th Century Boys is over but there are still many questions to answer. This book promises to explore how the Friend became evil, the core of the story.

Snarky Comments

Two months ago, Bluewater decided they would no longer work with Diamond. Their right, of course, although it makes them even more irrelevant than they already were. This month, in their cancellation list, Diamond lists the remaining orders for Bluewater titles as code 10, which means “Supplier Out of Business”. Advance notice of Bluewater’s fate, or just a last jab by the distributor?

I have figured out what Marvel Now! means, now that I see it took 38 pages of the Marvel Previews to get to an issue numbered over #4. (Journey Into Mystery #647 — when they jumped, they jumped big.) They are restarting most series, but they didn’t want to make that obvious, probably for fear they’d be accused of using DC’s tactics.

My, those weren’t very many recommendations, and all from big publishers. I’d feel discouraged about things if it weren’t the end of the year, past the holiday selling season.

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