Kirby’s Work on Science Fiction Land Has Connection to Argo
October 7, 2012

You may have heard of Argo, Ben Affleck’s new movie out next weekend. It’s the story of how six American diplomats were smuggled out of Iran by the CIA in 1979 after the embassy was taken hostage — by pretending to be part of a Canadian film crew making a science fiction movie. You can read about what happened in a 2007 Wired article.

To fake the movie-making, the CIA used a script for an unmade film version of Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light. As Wired reports, the movie’s previous producer had

hired Jack Kirby, the famous comic book artist who cocreated X-Men, to do concept drawings. Along the way, Geller imagined a Colorado theme park based on Kirby’s set designs that would be called Science Fiction Land

That’s where concept sketches came from that were used to bolster the rescue story. a Kirby design for Science Fiction Land

You can view the Kirby art at LordOfLight.com, a site selling prints and still interested in making the movie. The Jack Kirby Collector (issue #52) ran a reprinted article about the art and the plot with more reproductions.

Judd Ehrlich wants to make a movie about the tortured history of Science Fiction Land, and he’s launched a website and a Kickstarter to fund it. The team has been working on the movie since 2000, but now, with all the attention to this history, they’ve seized this moment to get the final funding and finish the film. Find out more about that effort’s history in this EW.com article.

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[…] up with the idea of creating a fake production company making a science fiction movie (based on Jack Kirby art, although it’s redrawn for this movie) and saying the six were staffers on a location […]


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