Read Tokyo Love for Free

Tokyo Love cover

Tokyo Love ~ Rica ‘tte Kanji!?, by Rica Takashima and published by ALC Publishing, is now available to read online for free. This yuri manga is a cute look at being a young lesbian in Japan as she enters college and goes to a gay bar for the first time.

There are also notes from the artist and the publisher about the history of translating the work into English, which I found most interesting, since they’re looking back at the influences on the work and what changed over the years between various chapters. A later section, told in 4-koma strip form, flashes back to Rica in high school. We also see her girlfriend, Miho, as a child. The book also includes Rica’s “Cutey Beret” stories, featuring fighting girls in skimpy outfits and distinctive headgear.

You can buy the book as an online copy, with print versions coming soon.

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