The Fifth Beatle Graphic Novel Has Film Deal With Music Rights

The Fifth Beatle

In advance of this weekend’s New York Comic Con, Dark Horse has announced a movie deal for their upcoming graphic novel The Fifth Beatle. The book, to be published next year, is written by Vivek J. Tiwary and drawn by Andrew Robinson with additional contributions by Kyle Baker.

It’s about the life of Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ manager. Epstein gained success through the band but made some financially iffy merchandising deals and struggled with his homosexuality (which was illegal in England until after his passing). He died young, at age 32, in 1967, due to an accidental drug overdose.

Tiwary will also be writing and producing a feature film adaptation of the graphic novel, which is being promoted as “the first time a feature film about the band has ever secured rights to include Beatles songs” due to a deal with Sony/ATV. Tiwary is an experienced Broadway producer behind such shows as The Addams Family, American Idiot (based on Green Day’s album), and The Producers.

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