On Vacation

Spinner rack of review copies

I know it’s poor timing, given that I was nearly absent for most of August and September, but I’ve had a vacation planned for a long while, so the site will not be updating until the end of next week.

I’ve taken to keeping my review copies on my spinner rack, and as shown here, the poor thing’s full. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to talk about such good books in more timely fashion, and I appreciate everyone’s patience with me — I hope to be more caught up by the end of the year (which isn’t nearly as far away as it sounds).

(The fun of using the spinner rack is that it’s much more decorative than my previous Pile o’ Guilt. The downside is that if you leave books on there too long, the wires put dents in the page block. Another incentive to write about them more quickly, so I can store them properly.)

5 Responses to “On Vacation”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Have fin! I’m sure with winter coming soon and where you live now. That you’ll have lots of time indoors to read soon. :).

    I mss the spinner racks. Not sure what it is but I just love twirling them and it seems to make the book more enticing to pick up and read.

  2. David Oakes Says:

    Watch out for those Wisconsin Werewolves!

  3. Jim Kosmicki Says:

    ah yes, the wire imprints. But at least it’s better than the fold that the actual comics got as people fingered through the stack. Anything near the front too long would eventually start flopping over about 1/3 of the way from the top. Those are the sort of nostalgic memories that you kind of had to be there to really “get,” I think.

  4. Eric Gimlin Says:

    Enjoy the vacation.

    I envy you the spinner rack; the closest I’ve been able to get is one of the flat racks with about 20 wire slots in two rows. There’s one antique shop I sometimes get to that has a couple, but they won’t sell because they’re using them to display books!

  5. Johanna Says:

    Back from vacation!

    I’m very lucky to have the spinner rack I do. A store was cleaning out their back room and didn’t want it. Now, I don’t know where you’d find one, when years ago, they were being given away. And yes, I’m careful to avoid that flop fold. What a memory!




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