KC Gets a Unique Autograph at Disney World and Wonders Where the Comics Are

In his Westfield column, KC shares his memories of our trip to Disney World, along with his quest to find a particular character. He also ponders the state of Disney comics and posts some cute photos. What do you think of his stance on comics featuring the Disney characters? Should there be more of them produced? Would anyone buy them?

6 Responses to “KC Gets a Unique Autograph at Disney World and Wonders Where the Comics Are”

  1. James Schee Says:

    KC should have just gone to Scrooge’s money vault for that autograph. :)

    I actually had a friend that was the tour guide on the safari ride a couple of years ago. Sounds like you guys timed your trip well, as she used to talk about people complaining of no animals, like she could just call them up.

    Has it really been so long since Disney had comics? I know the Muppets and Wall-e ones weren’t that long ago. Plus Darkwing Duck is still ongoing, right? But I guess it has been a while since Mickey and Co.

  2. Johanna Says:

    That was part of the conversation KC and I had while I was proofing his piece — I think the answer partially depends on what you consider the key Disney characters. Are we talking about the long-timers, like Micky and Donald? Or the acquisitions, like Winnie the Pooh and the Muppets? Or Pixar? Or new Disney Junior properties I’ve never heard of? :)

    I think Darkwing Duck has ended, though. I don’t think Boom has any of the Disney licenses left.

  3. James Schee Says:

    Yeah that is the question. They use them a lot in other media, my 3 year old niece loves watching the Mickey Mouse club cartoon series. Plus I see toys of the various princesses and Pixar stuff.

    Yet comics wise, outside of the magazine reprints of the Boom Studio stuff, they are fine outsourcing to other companies. (like the Barks collections)

    I wonder if they might have some success following Archie’s lead? Maybe not single issues, but digests that have some new material as well as reprints? In places like grocery store checkout lines?

  4. Johanna Says:

    They used to have a digest-sized Disney Adventures magazine, and for years it sold very well. I don’t know why they discontinued it.

  5. KC Says:

    There was a Walt Disney Comics Digest in the 1970s. It ran for 57 issues and it was loosely structured like a smaller but thicker WDC&S, with Mickey serials and Barks Duck stories, but with more space so some of the minor characters got the spotlight as well. There were also puzzle pages, and occasionally they reprinted one of their movie adaptations.

    Mark Evanier once wrote about the Gold Key Digests and their unique distribution situation.

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