Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History

Our buddy Bob wrote another book! I can’t think of a better person to cover the history of the venerable science fiction franchise Star Trek than Robert Greenberger, himself a contributor to the universe, having authored novels and comics.

Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History is a large, attractive hardcover with plenty of photographs, most of them of memorabilia from the collection of book editor Scott Pearson. They nicely substitute for the lack of official photographs of the cast or sets. Those interested in this book already know what they look like, anyway, although I would have appreciated the visual reminders of certain mentioned episodes. I also missed seeing the movie posters, and particularly, cast photos from the later shows, which I didn’t watch.

The text covers the show from its mid-60s debut on TV through the cartoon, conventions, books, and the movies — including the most recent reboot film — as well as the additional series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. Sidebars inclue reminiscences from fans of key moments and memories, including fanfic and other writing for and about the show.

Because it’s unauthorized, you’ll see mention of Gene Roddenberry’s “propensity for extramarital affairs” as well as mentions of his broken promises to staffers and personality clashes among the actors. Even with the more unpleasant bits of history, this is a loving remembrance from a long-time fan that specifically appreciates the contributions of those who’ve enjoyed the show over the years.

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