Archie Launches New Quarterly Reprint Magazine

Out tomorrow in comic stores is the first issue of new publication Archie Comics Super Special Magazine.

Archie Comics Super Special Magazine #1 cover

The “foil enhanced” cover, drawn by Dan Parent, is shown here. The magazine is intended to be released quarterly (but then, publisher Archie Comics intended to put out a Veronica & Betty magazine two years ago that never appeared). Most of the content is reprints, described as “the greatest Christmas stories from the Archie vault”, as well as one story new to print, “Betty and Veronica Save Christmas (or Not!)”. That tale was previously available digitally two years ago.

Archie Comics Super Special #1 table of contents

Based on this contents page, in addition to the comics, there will also be a few fashion pages, a creator spotlight on Dan Parent, and a small number of features — although I’m suspicious that “Graphic Novel-PALOOZA” and “Archie Swag” are really ads masquerading as news. The whole package is 128 pages for $9.99, making it similar to a small collection, although as a magazine, it can be rolled up and stuck in a stocking.

I’ll leave you with these two preview pages of the Josie story, because the uncredited Dan DeCarlo could really draw Melody.

Archie Comics Super Special sample page 1Archie Comics Super Special sample page 2

3 Responses to “Archie Launches New Quarterly Reprint Magazine”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Guess the magazine-sized comics format seen with “Life With Archie” and what Marvel and Bongo are doing is a success? Or easier to get onto newsstands for vendors who won’t carry comics otherwise?

  2. D Says:

    To be fair, it looks like all the creators (DeCarlo included) are credited on the contents page in the lower left corner.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Yes, but that doesn’t let us know who did which story, or what they did on it.




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