The Stars Below Comes Out From Monkeybrain

The Stars Below cover

In another example supporting my title of “the only comic journalist who doesn’t want to write comics”, longtime buddy Zack Smith (who writes for Newsarama, among other venues) has published his first comic. Congrats to him! The Stars Below, a one-shot illustrated by Rich Ellis (Memorial), is out through Monkeybrain, which means you get it digitally at comiXology.

It’s the story of a New York pigeon dreaming of seeing the stars, and in addition to being timely (given the city in the news), it’s well-done. I’m impressed with creators that can do wordless stories without confusing or boring the audience, and I’m particularly taken with the panels where the bird gets stars in its eyes. There’s even a chase scene!

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  1. Buy My First Published Comic, THE STARS BELOW with Rich Ellis, at Monkeybrain and ComiXology! « Zack Smith: Writer Says:

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  2. Lord Jameson Says:

    Just a quick note, I read that Monkeybrain is donating 100% of all profits to the HERO Initiative for the entire month of November! A great idea which is definitely getting me to buy my first digital comics!




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