Wreck-It Ralph Opens This Weekend — Go See It!
November 3, 2012

I’m going to see Wreck-It Ralph today. I’ve been aware of the movie since June, but once I decided to see it, I stopped paying attention to promo, because who wants the good bits ruined by the ads? However, if you disagree, or are more curious than I am, here are some clips Disney has released.

This one’s kind of cute, with Felix (voiced by Jack McBrayer) meeting Jane Lynch’s Sergeant Calhoun.

In case you’d like to see here the title character, here’s Ralph (John C. Reilly) with Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman).

Last, here’s a short featurette with the cast talking about their roles:

Finally, did you know that since 1982, Ottumwa, Iowa, has been the video game capital of the world? I know this because the Mayor of Ottumwa declared yesterday to be “Wreck-It Ralph Day”, and Disney’s press release made mention of it. Here’s some history:

Famous for being one of the few municipalities in the world that supports the worldwide video game culture, Ottumwa asks that its Citizens celebrate this Day of Civic Observance, appreciating Wreck-It Ralph as a film that champions the positive, uplifting aspects of the global video game culture through a warm-hearted, family-oriented film. “This may be the only instance in the world of a city celebrating a video game movie premiere on an official civic level,” said Walter Day, Twin Galaxies Founder and member of the board of directors of the International Video Game Hall of Fame & Museum.

Known for its unique video game legacy, Ottumwa is considered the birthplace of organized video game playing. The city was the site of a legendary photograph published in LIFE Magazine in January 1983 that captured on film a gathering of history’s first video game superstars. And, in January 1983, ABC-TV’s “That’s Incredible” filmed history’s first video game world championship in Ottumwa.

In addition to being the birthplace of organized gaming, Ottumwa was the original hometown of the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard and the US National Video Game Team, two organizations founded in the early 1980s that still exist today. In 2010, the citizens of Ottumwa launched a project to create the official International Video Game Hall of Fame & Museum in Ottumwa, a project still under development.

Update: Just got back — loved it! I didn’t expect a movie set mostly in a candy land to be so existential, or to have such heart and humor. The trailers don’t come near spoiling the movie, and I had a lot of fun seeing it. I’m already eager for the annotated commentary, because while I got a lot of references, I’m sure there are many more I missed. It even passed the Bechdel test, as all the little girl car racers talk about the way they treat each other. And we see girl gamers!

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mm writes:  

You shouldn’t treat promos ruining it as fact…some of us like spoilers.

Johanna writes:  

That’s good to know! I hoped some readers would enjoy the peeks.

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