Sleep of Reason Horror Anthology Seeking Submissions — For Pay!

The Sleep of Reason

It’s rare that an independent comic anthology is so upfront and forthright about the pay rate, or even that they’re paying contributors. After successfully completing the Smut Peddler Kickstarter, Spike is now launching The Sleep of Reason, “a black-and-white horror comics anthology set to debut in the summer of 2013.”

Submissions will be taken through the end of the month, until November 30, 2012. That link has all the details, but some key features are that page rate is $50 for black-and-white scary stories, but avoiding the cliches. No zombies or Lovecraft. No excessive gore. Some contributors have already been announced, including Carla Speed McNeil, Evan Dahm, Jason Thompson, Ross Campbell, and Sophie Goldstein.

2 Responses to “Sleep of Reason Horror Anthology Seeking Submissions — For Pay!”

  1. Steve Gray Says:

    I have a twelve page horror comic that I’d like to submit. Is there still time and the opportunity to place with you?

  2. Johanna Says:

    Sorry, based on the information in the link, they have closed submissions.




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