Funky Winkerbean Gives a Brief History of Comics

I’ve pointed out before when Funky Winkerbean has done strips of particular interest to comic fans, but this week’s strips take that to a whole new level. Sunday’s comic, shown here, takes us back to the comic shop setting, where fans are arguing about some classic conundrums:

Funky Winkerbean November 4 2012

Then a customer asks, in Monday’s strip, why “comic” books aren’t funny. That allows the store owner to provide a mini history lesson in illustrated form. Tuesday takes us back to the humor magazines of the 1880s!

Funky Winkerbean November 6 2012

Wednesday tackles semantics, while Thursday brings in the creation of the comic strip. This is not material I ever thought I’d see on the newspaper comic page!

Funky Winkerbean November 7 2012

Funky Winkerbean November 8 2012

They even have punchlines, ending in the pointed insult of today’s strip.

Funky Winkerbean November 9 2012

4 Responses to “Funky Winkerbean Gives a Brief History of Comics”

  1. Tammy Brown Says:

    Am I so out of it that I didn’t know “Funky Winkerbean” was still around? And is that him with GRAY HAIR???

  2. Johanna Says:

    I don’t think that’s Funky, but another character? I don’t know, the only cast members I recognize are Les and the band leader guy.

  3. Anthony Says:

    No, it’s a different character in the strips posted above. However, everyone’s aged from teens to middle age (via a few time-jumps in the strip) by this point (Funky’s now balding and heavy-set). Les is now a teacher at the school the gang used to go to (and there’s a new cast of teenage characters), and seems to have taken over as the strip’s lead character…

    I’m just glad to see they went a week without something extremely depressing (as the strip’s mostly become of late—everyone having really traumatic problems).

  4. Steven R Says:

    Showing how far behind I am – but let me say who some of the characters are.
    The guy with the GRAY HAIR is Crazy Harry (air guitar champ turned mailman). He is talking to John Howard, owner of the comic book shop (and married to Becky).
    Not sure who the young guys are.




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