Another Wave of DC Super-Pets Books

With this set of new DC Super-Pets books for kids, aimed at readers aged 6-8, the total number in the line comes to 24! I’ve previously talked about the first 12 and earlier this year, the next six. This bunch, however, has some of the weirdest hero animals yet. As before, all of the books are illustrated by Art Baltazar.

The Biggest Little Hero coverThe Cat Crime Club coverDeep-Sea Duel cover
The Biggest Little HeroThe Cat Crime ClubDeep-Sea Duel

The Biggest Little Hero, written by John Sazaklis, introduces the Atom’s pet dog, Spot. Unlike many of the other volumes, this one starts with the hero’s origin, retelling how Ray Palmer creating a shrinking ray from a dwarf star. The jealous Dr. Zeul enlarges herself to become Giganta in response, with guest appearances by Apache Chief and Patches the giraffe. This one’s unusual for the line in that the human heroes and villains get as much “screen time” as the pets.

The Cat Crime Club, written by Steve Korte, features the return of the Space Canine Patrol Agents, as Krypto the Super-Dog helps the intergalactic pooches catch the evil felines who aim to steal charity money. Old-school comic fans will love this one, with all the wacky powers and Red Kryptonite.

Deep-Sea Duel, written by John Sazaklis, I’ve already talked about.

The Fantastic Flexy Frog coverNight of the Scaredy Crows coverSwamp Thing vs the Zombie Pets cover
The Fantastic Flexy FrogNight of the Scaredy CrowsSwamp Thing vs the Zombie Pets

The Fantastic Flexy Frog, written by Michael Dahl, gives Plastic Man a pet amphibian who looks terrific in the red-with-yellow-stripe leotard and goofy goggles worn by his master. Kroc has stolen a vacation hotel’s lagoon, and Plastic Frog faces off against piranhas, poison darts, and the evil snake Anna Conda. This is the one I’d most like to see a sequel to.

Night of the Scaredy Crows, written by Sarah Hines Stephens, pits Ace the Bat-Hound against the Scarecrow’s pet Croward and the Scaredy Crows. This would have been perfect to read a couple of weeks ago — it’s very Halloween-ish. In fact, the plot involves the crows scaring people out of celebrating the spooky holiday so they can steal all the candy. My favorite part was the last page, with a Bat-Family picture that includes Batman, Batwoman, Batwing, Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin the robin, the Batcow, and more.

Swamp Thing vs the Zombie Pets, written by John Sazaklis, is a great choice to end on, because it’s so weird. Walking pile of leaves Swamp Thing is hanging out with the Down Home Critter Gang: Starlene the raccoon, Mossy the skunk, Loafers the basset hound, and Merle the possum. (I expected Deputy Dawg to wander by any minute.) Solomon Grundy and his zombie Undead Pet Club try to invade, but the critters, helped by Ace the Bat-Hound, find a better solution. But before then, we get to see Batman smiling and shaking hands with Swamp Thing!

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