DC Brings Back Young Romance as Yet Another Superhero Book

Young Romance cover

For Valentine’s Day, DC Comics has announced a Young Romance Special. To be specific, on February 6, Young Romance: A New 52 Valentine’s Day Special #1 will be in stores, featuring 64 pages of Wonder Woman, Superman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Batwoman, Aquaman, Mera, Apollo, Midnighter, and Dick Grayson.

I understand the need to use the “Young Romance” title to keep the trademark active, but I wonder why they felt they had to call it a “New 52″ special. Isn’t that just the assumption for any DC superhero these days?

I’m curious about the comic, I admit. While I’d rather see real romance comics, at least (I’m hoping) a focus on love will mean less negativity and gore than we get in the usual superhero books. With artists including Gene Ha and Phil Jimenez, at least this should look great. I’m having trouble thinking of Aquaman, Superman, and the others as particularly “young”, but that’s one of the new 52 changes, right? And bravo for including Apollo and Midnighter. I also just noticed that they listed Batwoman and Catwoman but not Batman. Hmmm.

The cover, by Kenneth Rocafort, as shown here, plays up the Superman/Wonder Woman romance that’s current right now. I hadn’t realized Diana’s boots are no longer red in the new DCU.

3 Responses to “DC Brings Back Young Romance as Yet Another Superhero Book”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Assume between turning a romance title into yet another superhero book and the apparent wilting of Vertigo that DC’s *really* emphasizing their superhero line above everything/anything else with the “New 52.” Ironic that “Young Romance” dates from when DC actually put out a wider range of reading choices (romance, humor, etc). :-p

    And yeah, nice Apollo and Midnighter are included, though still find Supes/Wondy as a couple forced/an inane gimmick…

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  3. Jer Says:

    (I’m hoping) a focus on love will mean less negativity and gore than we get in the usual superhero books.

    You are such the optimist.

    I always cringe when romance comes into superhero comics because nobody who writes superhero books seems to know how to write a functional relationship. Dysfunctional relationships make for easy stories, but if every relationship is dysfunctional it’s boring.

    Though that kind of formula might work better in a one-shot than as part of a set of ongoing storylines I guess.




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