Betty Boop Does New Lancome Mascara Ad

To promote their new mascara, Lancôme has licensed Betty Boop to appear with model Daria Werbowy. This NY Times article on the deal has some fascinating facts about the character compared to other female cartoons.

  • Although she last had her own cartoons in the 30s, Betty Boop is still licensed for almost 200 products in the US, with an additional 400 more worldwide.
  • In 2007, 12% of women aged 18 to 49 said the character was one of their favorites, giving her a “Q score” of 12. (She’s recognized by 90% of the same group, though.)
  • In comparison, Wonder Woman’s Q score is 20, with 87% of the group recognizing her. It surprises me that more people recognized Betty Boop than Wonder Woman! I suspect that’s changed now.
  • Miss Piggy’s figures at the same time were 98% recognized, Q score of 29. That’s since gone up to 38 (likely because of the recent Muppets movie).

The power of the brand — a good image outlives the source material. Betty Boop was created by Max Fleischer in 1930. Frank Caruso did the original sketches for the current ad campaign. There’s a two-minute promotional movie, shown below, featuring the two spokeswomen that was written and directed by Joann Sfar. (I’m assuming that’s the same comic creator who’s done The Little Prince and Vampire Loves, to name just two of his works.)

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