Stan Lee Voices Mentor in New iPad/iPhone Game

Out today for iPads and iPhones is Verticus, a falling game where you play a superhero and Stan Lee provides voiceover as your Mission Commander. He also came up with the characters and story.

Verticus screen shot

You’re trying to freefall into the center of the earth in order to stop the evil alien Obliterators, who are building a doomsday device there, as explained in this trailer:

You can watch Stan recording his lines here:

The game is $1.99, with additional opportunities to pay for in-game upgrades, such as variant suits, an “orb pack” ($2.99), or a “health regenerator” ($4.99). The game company, Moonshark, has also promised, “Each week, we’ll be looking for people Tweeting about #Verticus, and one lucky winner will receive a grab-bag of Stan Lee memorabilia, limited edition artwork, and other awesome prizes.”

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