Why Do People Like Adventure Time?
November 15, 2012

I don’t get Adventure Time, the ever-more-popular Cartoon Network animated series that just launched its fifth season on Monday. Then I watched this PBS “Idea Channel” video that talks about its emotional depth, use of history, and evocation of romantic nostalgia. Neat overview.

They’ve also done episodes on bronies and the definition of masculinity and Doctor Who as a religion, among others.

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Ralf Haring writes:  

fyi, the embed shows the most recent video from the channel instead of the relevant one.

I only recently took a look at the show and find it quite enjoyable, but as with many other one-off short-form formats, consuming a lot at once felt like an overload. I was reminded of trying to read chunks of Marvel Essentials in a row. I have only seen some of the earliest episodes, but the absurdity of the show is very appealing while also balancing a refreshing lack of cynicism from Finn.

Johanna writes:  

Well, that was a nasty trick of the link. I fixed it, thanks.


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