Registered Weapon Experiments With Downloadable Chapters

Registered Weapon Case 6 p3

Registered Weapon Case 6 p3

Registered Weapon has been running online for three years now. It’s an action comedy webcomic about a tough-guy cop and his partner, a walking, talking cash register. Think the sensibilities of the Dragnet remake (with Tom Hanks and Dan Ackroyd) combined with a robot pet, like if the dog in Turner and Hooch was made of metal.

It’s written by Gardner Linn and Chris Thorn and illustrated by Dave Lentz and Rob Simmons. Last week, they launched their sixth story, or “case”, as they call them. In this one, the cops have to deal with their lives becoming the basis for a TV show, allowing for lots of jabs at Hollwood. Of course, there’s a murder on the set that they have to investigate.

This story is available in two formats, so you can make your choice. Read it serialized online, as they publish new pages every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or download a chapter as PDF, CBR, or CBZ each month. Yes, they’ve come back around to the monthly comic release (only the chapters are 8 to 10 pages). Chapter 1 is now available (but weirdly, not on their download page); Chapter 2 is due out December 10.

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  1. Gardner Linn Says:

    Thanks so much for spotlighting Registered Weapon! We really appreciate it.

    For interested readers, Case 006 Chapter 1 is now available on the Downloads page, as well as in the Casefiles and on the home page.

  2. Registered Weapon - Kelly Conroy: Episode 3 Says:

    […] thanks to Johanna Draper Carlson of Comics Worth Reading for spotlighting Registered Weapon yesterday. It’s appropriate that she compares it to both Dragnet and Turner and Hooch, in that both […]




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