DC Wins SET Awards for Flash and Mr. Terrific

According to the Time Warner blog, several Warner properties were recognized with S.E.T. Awards last week. These awards, presented by the Entertainment Industries Council (EIC), honor “the portrayal and promotion of the science, engineering, technology, and math fields throughout the entertainment industry.”

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Among the winners were The Flash and Mr. Terrific comic books, “recognized for non-stereotypical portrayal of the fields.” From the awards website:

Two of the films honored, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, are the two highest grossing films of the year and rank third and fourth for all-time box office. Two television shows being honored, The Big Bang Theory and NCIS are currently the most-watched comedy and drama series, respectively. This success represents significant potential for productions to impact young people’s aspirations and interests in science, engineering, and technology.

Since factors considered included “accuracy, impact, inspirational value, accessibility to vast audiences, and entertainment value of the productions,” it’s not surprising that well-known examples were the ones honored. Popular films and TV shows don’t often win critical awards, so here’s one that counteracts that tendency by considering “vast audiences” a plus. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really apply to Mr. Terrific, since it was cancelled, with its final issue appearing last April.

Last year was the first for the S.E.T. Awards, and Stan Lee was given the first Icon Award. This year, it went to TV director Alexander Singer, who’s directed a lot of Star Trek, among other things.

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